Swimming Pool


General Rules

  1. The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property.
  2. All complaints should be made to the Pool Manager. If satisfaction is not received, the complaint should be made to the General Manager.
  3. The Pool Manager is in complete charge of the pool area and is responsible to the General Manager.
  4. Babysitters must be at least thirteen (13) years of age. Non-member babysitters will be required to pay the daily guest rate. The sitter should be familiar with the Rules and Regulations of the pool. No sitter under seventeen (17) years of age should have more than three (3) children under age ten (10) in his/her charge at any one time.
  5. No child aged twelve (12) or under will be allowed to use the pool facilities if unattended.
  6. The pool may be closed due to inclement weather at the discretion of the Pool Manager or the General Manager.
  7. No one shall swim when the pool is closed or unattended.
  8. Radios or any object that emits sound must be played at a low volume.
  9. No alcoholic beverages are to be brought into the pool area.
  10. Coolers and other receptacles containing food or beverage items should not be brought into the pool area. Exceptions will be made for those with special dietary requirements.
  11. The Pool Manager has the authority to enforce these rules. Any violations of these rules may result in your being asked to leave the pool area. The Pool Manager may recommend suspension of pool privileges for breaking pool rules to the General Manager.


  1. Each family shall be allowed guest privileges. Adult guest privileges shall be two (2) visits per month per individual guest. A maximum of two (2) adult guests per membership will be permitted on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. Bona fide houseguests shall be allowed daily privileges for two (2) consecutive weeks, but must be cleared with the Pool Manager. Houseguest privileges are in addition to the regular monthly guest privileges.
  2. All guests must be accompanied by and registered by a member.
  3. Conduct of guests is the direct responsibility of the sponsoring member.
  4. DAILY GUEST RATES: Weekends – $10.00 for each adult; $8.00 for each child aged four (4) years to eleven (11) years;  Weekdays – $8.00 for each adult; $6.00 for each child aged four (4) years to eleven (11) years
  5. no charge for children under four (4) years of age. All fees are to be charged to member’s account. No cash will be handled at the registration desk.

Children’s Use of the Pool

  1. Children shall not be allowed in the Olympic Pool until they have passed the BASIC TEST. The BASIC TEST consists of: • the candidate having a swimming style consisting of a good strong kick and stroke – must be approved by a lifeguard; • the candidate swimming the length of the Olympic Pool, then swimming in place for three (3) minutes; • final approval remaining within the discretion of the Pool Manager.
  2. Children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by an adult or babysitter at all times.
  3. Use of the Kiddie Pool shall be limited to children under six (6) years of age. No metal or rigid plastic toys shall be allowed in the Kiddie Pool. All children must be accompanied by an adult or babysitter.
  4. Little Swimmers© or other brands of swimming diapers are to be worn at all times.

Health & Safety

  1. Articles are as per Rhode Island Department of Health, Chapter 267 General Laws and are posted in the cabana. Members are asked to familiarize themselves and their guest(s) with these regulations.
  2. No smoking is allowed on the pool promenade except when sitting in chairs or standing immediately next to the chairs where cigarette disposal receptacles are available.
  3. No glass containers will be allowed in or around the pool or deck areas.
  4. Rough play will not be permitted in the basketball area.
  5. All members and their guests are expected to keep the pool area clean by depositing refuse in the appropriate containers.
  6. Flotation devices or toys of any sort are not permitted in the mid- or Olympic-size pools.
  7. Rough or rude behavior and/or profane language are unacceptable, and management reserves the option to dismiss offenders from pool premises.
  8. Parent members are expected to properly attend to and monitor their children while on pool premises.

Member Obligations

  1. Members and guests must sign in at the cabana before using the pool.
  2. The cost of property damaged by a member, a family member, or a member’s guest will be charged to the member’s account.
  3. All guests must be signed in at the registration desk by the sponsoring member.

Diving Rules

  1. Only one person is permitted on the diving board at any given time.
  2. Divers must always look before diving.
  3. Diving on or near another swimmer is not permitted.
  4. Divers must not splash others that are out of the pool.

Snack Bar

  1. The Snack Bar will be open from 10:00 a.m. to either 6:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m., depending on pool ours, every day, weather permitting.
  2. Food purchases will be by charge.
  3. All members and their guests are expected to keep the Snack Bar area clean by depositing refuse in the proper receptacles.
  4. Snack Bar purchases do not count towards monthly minimum food spending.